Trevor Sorrells

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Research Interests:
I study evolution of gene regulation at the level of whole network rewiring.  I am interested in how a set of genes becomes regulated by a new transcription factor, and how evolution can influence the form and function of complex networks.  



Selected Publications:
Sorrells T.R., Booth L.N., Tuch B.B., Johnson A.D.  (2015) Intersecting transcription networks constrain gene regulatory evolution. Nature. 2015 Jul 16;523(7560):361-5.

Sorrells T.R., Johnson A.D. (2015) Making Sense of Transcription Networks. Cell 161(4):714-723

Baker, C.R., Booth, L.N., Sorrells, T.R., Johnson, A.D. (2012) Protein modularity, cooperative binding, and hybrid regulatory states underlie transcriptional network diversification. Cell. 151:80-95