Chiraj Dalal

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Research Interests:
In my research, I measure single-cell dynamics in related fungal species to make quantitative, systems-scale insights into evolution. The goal of this research is to explore how circuits evolve and in particular, how evolutionary changes have enabled some fungal species to proliferate in human hosts. Currently, I am investigating 1) how carbohydrate and amino acid metabolism vary across fungal species and 2) the role these circuits play in regulating white-opaque switching in Candida albicans

Selected Publications:
Lin, Y, Sonh, CH, Dalal, CK, Cai, L and Elowitz, M.B. “Combinatorial gene regulation by modulation of pulse timing.” Nature, 527: 54-58, 2015.

Dalal, CK*, Cai, L*, Lin, Y, Rahbar K and Elowitz, M.B. “Pulsatile Dynamics in the Yeast Proteome.” Current Biology, 24: 2189-2194, 2014.

Cai, L,* Dalal, CK*, and Elowitz, M.B. “Frequency-Modulated Nuclear Localization Bursts Coordinate Gene Regulation.” Nature, 455: 485-490, 2008.